Connect 211 web app features at a glance.


Match colors and logo to your brand, and tailor searchable data, categories, and suggestions to your audiences' needs.


Standardized Data

Store resources in a standards based schema, allowing for greater interoperability with partners, and preventing lock-in.


Shareable Resources

Easily share resources by email, social media, or simply by copy-and-pasting the unique resources URL anywhere.


Easy Integration

With our customized import process, sync data from almost any source you can imagine, including I&Rs, directories, and more.

Good User Experience

Give your users an easy time finding resources they need with a user interface that follows best practices for searching.


Search Suggestions

Prompt and educate users as they search with a list of precise suggestions that updates on every keystroke.


Resources Categories

With iconography and categories, see all your data at a glance and drill in to the resources you are looking for.


Auto-fill Location

Automatically find your location from anywhere when using smart-phones and other location aware devices.

Search Options

Search resources using either keywords, for more exploratory or customizable results, or taxonomies for structure and precise results.


Save Favorites

Allow advanced users to get a free account and save lists of their most commonly accessed resources for easy lookup later.

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