How It Works for 211s.

Connect 211 is a search tool built to address 211's needs for online resource data sharing. Our search app and data standards make your resources searchable, sharable, and profitable.

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3.

Connect Resources
Connect from any data source to a standardized database.
Customize App
Spin up a search portal for your resources.
Share Resources
Community members access your resources online.

Let's dig into that a little more.


We create a one-way connection from your main data source into our standardized data base. These resources are updated daily.

Data sources can be almost anything, including I&Rs, directories, and more. No matter where your resource data is stored, we'll find a way to make it searchable online.



With data taken care of, we customize an instance of our open source search software to match your brand, and your audiences needs.

Customization includes the colors, logo, messaging, unique categories and guided search experience, suggestions that are tailored to your community, and more.


Link and share your search portal from anywhere, including your website, social media channels, SMS, chat bots, etc.

You can share search results, single resources, categories of resources, or almost anything that's viewable in the app. This solution is entirely about making it easy to find and share help.


Monetize your resources.

Selling data is tricky. The purchaser may not have the tools necessary to make it useful for them or their audience. We solve that by selling services, not data. Our search engine, combined with a standardized data transformation, provides huge value for those who wish to use your data.

We sell those services, and then we share revenue with you, our 211 (and other) resource data providers. It's a true win-win(-win).

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