How It Works For Community Agencies

Government agencies and community organizations can use 211's resource data in areas where we already have coverage to rapidly launch a branded, customized search experience for your target audience.

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose Resources
Define the resources we'll display to your audience.
Customize App
We add your logo, colors, and customized suggestions.
Share Resources
Your community can find the resources they need.

Let's dig into that a little more.


We'll create a dedicated search index (kind of like your own database) that only searches data relevant to your audience. The resource data available in your search engine can be defined by taxonomies, geographic locations, and other metrics available in the data such as focus populations and eligibilities.



Your search engine will use your own logo, brand colors, and otherwise match seamlessly with the rest of your online tools and print materials.

Setting this up is a quick process, and we'll do all of the heavy lifting.


Link and share your search portal from anywhere, including your website, social media channels, SMS, chat bots, etc.

You can share search results, single resources, categories of resources, or almost anything that's viewable in the app. This solution is entirely about making it easy to find and share help.


Coverage areas.

It all started here in Washington. Thanks to our partners at Washington 211, we currently have resource data for the whole state.

Here are some other organizations that decided to jump on board:

Want to be added to this list? Put us in touch with your local 211 to see if we can add your area to our coverage map 🙂

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