Release Notes for August – September 2021

It’s been a busy Summer 🙂 We’re keeping these release notes fairly technical from now on. If you would like the highlights and newsy version, see here.


  • Add optional distance filter on top of service area.
  • Add session id as a cookie that expires at end of session.
  • Add “required_document” HSDS table data to details page.
  • Move Next.js APIs into their own project.
  • Make the code bases open source under GNU GPL 3.0.
  • Add “redirect” functionality to login and signup page.


  • Fix error in Vercel caused by users resetting passwords.
  • Re-write search component to fix some bugs, and add accessibility compliance.
  • Fix caching issues for location data. We currently have to force fetch every location.
  • Sort Taxonomy Search results only by distance, as they are precise searches. Keyword searches should sort first by relevancy, and second by distance, but Taxonomy searches only need distance.
  • Hitting “ENTER” while searching doesn’t always submit a search for term. Currently, it submits a blank search, even if a term has been provided.
  • Map pin should be hidden on records that do not have an address OR have empty strings for the address fields


  • Update design for Details view to use cards for sections, maintaining a uniform design across the application.
  • Update “service_area” model to include the original, hi-res geo shape.
  • Refactor to use Adapter design pattern for API communications. This way we can swap out different services (like mail services).
  • Hide Languages section on details page if not available.