Release Notes for Q4 2021

Technical release notes are listed below. For an expanded rundown of what’s been going on at Connect 211, as well as highlights of our most exciting updates, read Finishing strong! Updates for Q4 2021.


  • Back button should link to the most recent view, not to the home view.
  • Investigate possible errors in data during import and fix.
  • Fix URL parsing causing correctly formatted URLs to be undefined.
  • Open Graph image broken in some cases.
  • Fix a bug in the dropdown suggestions list for taxonomies.


  • Create a Kibana analytics dashboard for WHAT resources are being searched for, and WHERE they are being searched from.
  • Favorites lists, ability to share and print lists.
  • Display mailing address in resource details.
  • Add advanced filters that dynamically pull facets from data and display them to the end users.


  • On import change 0 and empty strings to NULL for lat/lon
  • Add HSDS `required_document` to the details view as a section.
  • Show “Contact for details.” instead of “No info” for important sections without data available.
  • Add a subtle transition effect to buttons.
  • Make it so categories, when clicked on, will show the term in the text box so it works similar to the suggestions list
  • Switch to using MapBox instead of Google Maps API. It’s more cost effective.
  • Retrofit app to use the adaptor pattern wherever it makes sense. This adds a much greater degree of flexibility with third party services.